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Thankfully, we know no other way to do business except for offering highest-grade technology, fast and quality variety of services. That includes but is not limited to stain-removal, laundry service, ironing and dyеing of clothes.

We are well aware that clothes which are special require the care of specially trained personnel. With this in mind, we went on to meticulously assemble a team of hand-picked professionals who could be trusted with the most delicate of fabrics, skirts, dresses, suits, jackets, work wear, curtains, tablecloths, interior textile, blankets and more. Come with confidence and collect your items - find them just as clean as you have never seen them.


  • New Atelier in Varna – K4

    New atelier is opened in Varna, 21-A Stefan Stambolov Str. on May 5-th 2015.

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